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Gray and Ropeik (2002), point out that organizations may misunderstand small probabilities of rare events and may seek remedies that cause more harm than the original threat would have. 

CRISIS PREP CONSULTING:    David Perrodin, PhD, CEO "The Safety Doc"

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"It was a pleasure collaborating with Dr. Perrodin on the development of a school intruder film.  He is an expert without an ego and his efficiency contributed to early completion of the project.  David was brilliant in his ability to not only take very complex material and quickly break it into relevant components, but to also perform that skill while navigating the unfamiliar venue of script writing and film directing.  We undoubtedly hit a home run by bringing David into the fold and look forward to working with him on future proposals."

David Obst is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, magazine writer, book publisher and author. He has worked on such diverse subjects as the My Lai Massacre, The Pentagon Papers, and the movies: All The President’s Men, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Revenge of the Nerds.

"David assisted us in developing our safety plan and he did an amazing job!  We have been working on this plan for a few years and sought out David to help us pull everything together.  His broad expertise in crisis preparedness and school safety was invaluable was we worked through the myriad of issues associated with this essential work.  David's process was easy to follow, engaging for all parties involved, and honored our previous efforts.  The tabletop exercise that David ran was incredibly helpful and allowed us to accurately evaluate our strengths and weaknesses.  Our administrative team was thrilled with how much we accomplished during our short time with David and we left feeling like we have a good handle on all of the various pieces that inform a comprehensive crisis plan.  David has a strong reputation as a "go to" safety consultant and he was still able to exceed our expectations!" 
Drew Wellman, Director of Learning and Student Services - Lake Mills Area School District (WI)

"At a time when schools, parents and students are looking for answers to school safety questions, David Perrodin has stepped to the forefront of the discussion, delivering practical solutions, based on extensive research and experience in the field of public education. David's ability to connect with a group of education professionals on a personal level has him continually in demand. When we went looking for a expert in the field of crisis preparedness and prevention, David was the single person we pursued." 

Joe Bruzzese, Founder - Sprigeo, Santa Barbara (CA)

"David Perrodin has developed significant expertise in issues of school safety.  David has conducted one of his tabletop exercises for my Educational Planning Class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The exercise was outstanding and provided the class with an exceptional experience in crisis planning.  The exercise was challenging and well designed.  I highly recommend David's expertise in realistic tabletop simulations of crisis response."
Art Rainwater, Clinical Professor - Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin - Madison 

"We sought David's expertise when our district was creating a comprehensive bullying prevention program.  The bullying prevention practices and philosophies that David shared helped our district develop a program that has greatly improved our school culture.  His exemplary ideas for prevention and interventions for students struggling with social-emotional issues are effective and relevant.  David is not only knowledgeable and thorough; he is generous about sharing this knowledge, materials, and expertise with others.  It is obvious that David is in this business because he is passionate about keeping kids safe and healthy.  As a result of his consult, our district's students and staff are enjoying a much healthier environment."  
Cynthia Russell Smith, Director of Student Services - School District of Marinette (WI)

"David  has an exceptionally strong understanding of school safety and an overall incredible depth of research knowledge in crisis preparedness.  I, along with other law enforcement officers, have participated in 35-person tabletop crisis exercises designed and facilitated by David.  They were organized, fluid and engaged staff from different schools and positions, as well as outside agencies, in a collective crisis response.  David had a clear end in mind and involved all participants, and observers, in a comprehensive hotwash activity that identified crisis response implementation disconnects.  He then worked on steps to resolve those issues with the district's Crisis Response Steering Committee.  We count on David to be with us during school safety drill activities and our department has included him in the same active shooter professional development training that we make available to our officers.  While there are many opinions and concepts around school safety, David consistently advocates for the positions that are supported by research.  He is an incredible asset to the school district and to our department.  We very much enjoy working with David." (This testimony as provided in 2013 while Mr. Perrodin was employed by the DeForest Area School District.  David left the district in 2014).
Lieutenant Daniel Furseth, DeForest Police Department (WI)

"My husband and I felt your community presentation was very enjoyable and informative.  Actually, there was much I took away from your presentation and can see myself changing some of my behavior in terms of my work with older youth." 
Dawn Foster, Youth Services Librarian - Portage Public Library (WI)

"I greatly enjoyed your WN@TL talk.  Your passionate thought process of the audience emotional ride was well planned throughout your talk.  You answered questions perfectly without hesitation, and there was no need for clarification." 
Sandy Rotter, Bike Machine eMergy Educator - Madison, WI.

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